This 3D ocean scene was a big hit with our preschoolers as well as their parents. Children create an ocean scene by gluing sand and shells to a cardboard box, placing fish stickers in it and covering it with blue cellophane wrap. Not only is it fun to create your very own scene but then you have an adorable decoration when done!

What you'll need:

  • Box, meat packing tray, lid of shoe box or paper plate
  • Sand and shells
  • Fish stickers
  • Blue cellophane wrap
  • Liquid glue
How to make your ocean scene craft:
  1. Glue sand to bottom of box.
  2. Glue shells to bottom of box.
  3. Place fish stickers above sand.
  4. When dry, wrap blue cellophane wrap over front of box and glue or tape it to back of box.
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