I was trying to think of a beach craft, specifically a sand castle craft, to make with my daughter, but didn't want to clean up loose sand again. I mentioned that I wished someone would make a paper with sand on it already to use in a craft and my husband walked into the garage and handed me a piece of sand paper. After getting over feeling a touch silly, my daughter and I set to work drawing our castle out and putting the pieces together to create this fun summer craft that is full of shapes and neat textures.

What you'll need:

How to make your sand paper castle craft:
  1. Print our template and cut the pieces out. Trace the pieces onto the backside of a piece of sandpaper (tracing onto the back side is much easier) or onto construction paper (the flag and door pieces).
  2. Cut these pieces out.
  3. Glue the sandpaper pieces onto a piece of blue construction paper to construct your sand castle using our completed photo as a guide.
  4. Glue the construction paper door and flags onto the castle and glue the sun in the sky.
  5. Cut an extra squiggly piece of sandpaper for either side of the sandcastle to look like the beach if you'd like.
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