Looking for a craft to entertain your elementary aged daughter? The Beaded Flower Bracelet is sure to keep her occupied on a rainy afternoon. This beautiful necklace is simple to make and requires only a few materials. Once complete, your daughter will have a fun bracelet that will impress all of her friends and remind her of the beautiful flowers of summer!

What you'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Bracelet clasps
  • Clear, beading string or fishing line
  • Multicolored package of Seed beads
How to make your Beaded Flower Bracelet Craft:
  1. With the scissors, measure a piece of string that is ten inches longer than the desired length of the bracelet. Securely tie one of the bracelet clasps on the end of the string. (see photos).
  2. Choose one main color and string ten beads of that color onto the string. For example, I chose green. (see photos)
  3. Decide what color you would like your first flower to be and string seven beads of that color onto the bracelet. For example, I chose purple. Then, thread the string through the first flower colored bead again and pull until a circle forms. (see photos)
  4. Choose a color for the center of your flower and place it on the string. Thread the string through the fourth colored flower bead on your string of beads. (see photos)
  5. Thread ten more of the main color bead on the string. On my bracelet, I placed ten more green beads on the string. Choose another flower color and thread seven more beads on. Repeat the above instructions to create another flower with a different colored center. (see photos).
  6. Continue to alternate between the main bead colors and the flowers until the bracelet reaches the desired length. Securely tie the other bracelet clasp to the end of the string. Trim any leftover string. (see photos)
  7. Your bracelet is now ready to wear!
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