Make this cool palm tree craft using cut paper rolls and some other simple supplies including our printable palm tree leaf template. This is the perfect craft to go with any summer or beach themed lesson plan.

What you'll need:

  • 4 brown toilet paper rolls
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • 1 sheet greet construction paper
  • 1 circular plastic lid (from a food container or jar)
  • Palm tree leaf template
How to make your palm tree craft:
  1. Cut each toilet paper rolls in half making 8 tubes about 2 inches tall each.
  2. Cut a 2 slits going half way up opposite sides of each tube.
  3. On one tube cut two more slits and fold each end out to create the base of the tree.
  4. Put slitted (flared) end of a tube around the base and insert until snug. Repeat until all tubes are connected.
  5. Tape flared base to plastic lid.
  6. Fold your green construction paper in half lengthwise. Use template to cut out two identical leaves from each half of your paper.
  7. Tape center of one leaf to your trunk.
  8. Roll a piece of tape into a circle and use it to attach the center of your second leaf to the first leaf perpendicularly, creating an "x".
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