One of our favorite parts of summer is watching the sunflowers grow taller and taller as the season goes on. Collecting, drying and roasting the seeds makes this process even better. This sunflower craft uses real sunflower seeds which makes it more interesting for your children to make, especially if sunflower seeds are new to them. This is a great summer craft for kids and a beautiful flower craft as well.

What you'll need:

How to make your sunflower craft:
  1. Print our sunflower petal template and cut it out. Trace it onto yellow construction paper multiple times and cut out the petals (or trace it once and cut a stack of paper at a time like we do!).
  2. Cut a circle from the center of a paper plate. This is to provide support for the weight of the sunflower seeds.
  3. Tape or glue a green construction paper stem and leaves onto the back of the paper plate circle.
  4. Glue the petals around the paper plate circle.
  5. Put a generous amount of glue onto the paper plate circle and cover it with sunflower seeds.
  6. Let everything dry completely before hanging it up.
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